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released August 15, 2015



all rights reserved


Minty Betrayal Grande Prairie, Alberta

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Track Name: Machines
I'll laugh again and look ahead

You can't revive something that's dead

You can't control me with your challenges

All they ever were were just veiled threats.

Your big old thumb relentless it would press what's next I suppose a toast would be best.

Here's to all the human beings that you ever did see. Here's to you and here's to me.

You kill me with the way that you act, like you're my god. If god looked anything like you, then I'de turn my back on all that I've been taught and go searching for some virtue.

How can you believe you know me, when you never gave me a shot.

You don't own me anymore.

Here's to all the human beings that you ever did see. Here's to you and here's to me.

No, we're not, I repeat: we are not who those machine men are sure we are.
They write, their lists they make their rules but their machines won't get them far.
We are not laying down this time, though we will not put up a fight.

Hey let's cut to the chase when did you embrace submitting your life to the machine?

I was becoming more and more convinced that you had started following

he who makes the storms relax, who heals everyone who asks. who opens hearts and sets free minds, repeats the process all the time.

the one who knocks down all the walls the one who bit the dust but came back from the grave and never gave up on one of us.

that is the kind of love that drives us.
Track Name: Fast Track
This time it's real this time it feels like someone's pulling strings somewhere.

You seem surreal, so take don't steal please help me create something.

I fell in the fast track and it started to rise.

There's nothing to see here but the stars in your eyes.

And when I come down from this magical high,

You know I'll be waiting, you know I'll be fine.

You left me waiting in a bitter surprise.

But I can't help but feel that I've won the prize.

There's nothing to fight for, it's not in my hands.

But give it to me and I'll be sure that it ends.

Stars grow cold. Why are they so far away?


I guarantee you.

Nothing harmful in the world will get in the way.

We'll keep it out, so never doubt because you always win this game.

I'll say it again, while you pretend, in this torrent decending.

For all you gave and all you know I'll give you one hell of a show.

If we don't make it out alive, at least we have our special glow.

The world is sick.

But we can find our way through it.

The world is sick.

But We can maybe even change it.
Track Name: The Gunfight
take a sip

of this sordid air

this floating atmosphere

then dive deep

into my despair

this heavy blanket

of rusty nails

at your place

make a list

this heavy paralysis

on my face

break your fist

this isn't even over.

is it?

Take a knife to a gunfight, threaten to cut off your own head.
Speak to the world despite your stagefright, and when your done go back to bed.
I've never been one to cause a problem,
If you saw me now, you'd never know.
I was always the one who never got it when you Hinted that I got to go.

take your mom to the movies, this is relaxation.

take a break from the bookstore.

this is all you know

take a trip

to the taphouse

this is a local landmine

throw a brick

right off the bridge

see if it hits the little fish.

I found myself at a gunfight, realized I cant pretend. I spoke my mind that starry night when I found out you are my friend.

I've never been one to cause a problem, cuz the problems lived in me.

Open my eyes to the issues, help me to release this grief.

I couldn't take it anymore. So I gave it all away.

The well dressed man at the corner showed me something you can't fake.

I left my knife at the gunfight, my machine heart is on the mend.

I'm guided by the greatest light now that I know you are my friend.
Track Name: Animal Moshpit
Inside my mind there is an animal mosh pit.
My psychologist is positive I've lost it.
I am enamored and afraid at the same time.
a year ago today I wasn't the same guy.

Inside my heart the scientist sit and observes.
As things develop, he develops some concerns.
Personalities clash.
Schools of thought conflict. Things are getting heated. Bit by bit.

Accolades and endless praise will not fix our problems. (Or stop their spread)
The track needs changed,
Someone must make
A move before I fall off (of this ledge)

Dispite the smell of pride, humility is still seen.
Although I live a lie, my hero lives in me.
Against all odds.
The chemist pushes his way
Against the crowd and toward the stage.
Oh my god, I never realized
I never even noticed you've been with us the whole time
Inside my mind there is an animal mosh pit.
My psychologist is positive I've lost it.

I don't even know
If I can let go
Of my need for revenge,
my patience is spent

I don't even care
If I get hurt again
I wish I'de done this before
Let's Let go of revenge.
Track Name: Squire Barnes
Don't start a fight your bound to lose.
Nobody out here has a clue.
Just my luck I'm stuck with you.
Mommy how'd you get that bruise?

Somebody sing me a pretty song.
Show me how to tell them off.
The media they got it wrong.
Burn the words that don't belong.

The food can't keep it in.
Consumed by emptiness.
Embrace just makes me small.
So I just stay and crawl.

We bond over the sin.
The drugs inside my skin.
A ceiling but no walls.
I will die a prodigal.

When the lights come on will you feel alright?
Will you have your doubts, will I become your fright?
When the clock strikes twelve will you twist my fate?

Steady as she goes.
But I can't feel my toes.
The stiffness overtakes.
Your voice it adulates.
The train is off the tracks.
We feel the wet hot wax.
Your voice vanishes fast but it comes back with a vengeance.