We Tried.

by Minty Betrayal

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released December 19, 2016

Recorded by Kelly Wiebe
Mixed by Daniel Brisbin



all rights reserved


Minty Betrayal Grande Prairie, Alberta

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Track Name: Oh! Tornado
Four candles light the room.
Four walls, one roof,
When you speak to me I know it's not the truth.

You're so fake, and opaque.
Let's panic, pronto, Post haste .
When you leave its a punch to the face

You declined, four times.
Before you changed your mind.
The shows about to start so stand in line.

Ohh tornado take me with,
I'll be the envy of the neighbour kids.
Ohh monsoon swallow me whole
And oh god You don't let me go.
Oh tsunami sweep me away
To sea I'll be with you to stay.
Oh Samantha settle down.
The best strategies to wait it out.

A cataclysmic catastrophe,
Can't stop the love you have for me.
The passerby says 'nothings as it seems.'

Symbiotic symptoms take me to the very brink.
The Way you take advantage hurts more than you think.
So why'd you have to use permanent ink.

Eviscerate everything until you find the truth.
It's poetic how problematic loving you has proved.
The show is over I let go of you.

Let's meet on the mezzanine,
We will receive everything
That weve been seeking our entire lives.
Track Name: Go On! Get Out!
Keep near this place, so I can see you protected
(From this)
Deep seated rage, unmitigated contempt. It

Comes in small doses but it adds up,
I can't pretend the ropes won't get most of us.
I hold to hope, cuz she's my crutch.
The reason I don't self destruct.

Don't come back till the morning.
I'll be gone by then.
Go on, get out. X3

You threaten to leave I leap with fear.
I gotta make a moat just to keep you here.
Ill wince and walk through the process To construct it.
Then Ill go do something self destructive.

I decide to take a different route.
What's a girl to do when she finds out.
I know you knew I mean you must've.
I think il go do something self destructive.

Don't come back till the morning.
I'll be gone by then.
Go on! Get out!

The incandescence is such a bother.
I'm hesitant to become a robber.
You brushed my hand, I felt you touch it
Then I pretend to be self destructive
The isolation like a stormcloud.
The rhythmic bass is always so loud.
I lost control. you know how much this.
Brings out my tendency to be self destructive
Track Name: Try Your Best
Make a mess and Then just clean it up and
Try your best to ascribe meaning to something
While the rest encode their little secrets
I pretend when I cursed you I didn't mean it

Let's watch something I've never seen
Let's practice infidelity
Change tactics
Pass it on the right
Then crash into the traffic light

Oh Congregate
With those who you think like you
Go on a date
With the first one who says yes
Yes you are late
Late for the homecoming dance
Dance till the day
Light breaks and you pass out
On a couch
You cannot remember ever
Arriving at this house
So you grab you're stuff and you
Get yourself out
Out of the situation
Without a doubt you don't deserve an explanation

Life lessons take a lifetime
My senses are desensitized
I'm begging for a refund
On all my years of wasted time
The ghosts are in the garden
Waiting for me to gather food.
I'm inside and I'm starving
I knew there was never room for you within this little heart of mine
I'm still dying to try though
To stuff you deep inside my bones but God he closed the window
And the doors been locked for years and the key is lost for good
The locksmiths out of town and this is a rough neighbourhood
So I'll retreat into my bunker where the demons they can't have me
I'll stay silent think about when I had a tribe and family
And I'll hope that angels guard me while the lunatics go out to play
I swear to you I never wanted it to ever go this way
Now you can have my hat and coat they have no value here to me
I wonder though If you did know how incredibly dear to me
You have always been
Now I'm finished for the day
I swear to you I never wanted it to ever go this way

Alone in their bedroom
A little girl hovers
Over her newborn brother.
Whispers to him
'Tell me about God. What's he like? Where's he from? I think I have almost forgot.'
Track Name: Red Tape
If you loose the chain will I regain
The same thing I lost when you tossed em on my wrists
I'm done with this
You live in bliss
the palace lists
the candlestick
as something worth saving

The peasant sent the message west
The present set of problems says
Paradoxical priorities
Measurably offensive

I need
To wake up and see
My head
Ain't the slightest bit healthy
I'm Searching for attachment
I get Fistfulls of resentment

It's hit and miss
You live in bliss
Cruelty is just a kind of cowardace
Your endless display of authority has got to be because you need to feel complete
You tell your people to behave
You spoke in tongues
No one
My words they were never heard
Red tape
As I ask all about your
End game
Track Name: James Cameron's Deep Sea Adventure
-A coil of rope lay on the ground,
She paused mid blink as it unwound.
-She couldn't watch him as he hung.
But heard the noise of death. It stung.

-She swore to god he'd been set up.
The royal guards they are corrupt.
-The king must hear her plea for justice.
Murder is murder I don't care who does it.

-Death rows an awful place
But I was just in the way.
The chair is in my sight
It's getting closer every night

-I'll spill what I contain,
Paper birds, medical tape.
My only friend plans the escape,
The government won't get their way.
-----soft part
Throw your hands up. They say.
Submit to us. Do things our way.
"We'll kill because god gave us a sword.
Which well use to rule the whole damn world."
Throw my hands up, I'm done
Can't extinguish another one.
I've justified it for too long,
But now I'm sure as hell that this is wrong.
The government won't get their way.
Our spirits you will never take
Even though Our bodies may ache,

There is a chance our hearts may break.
A human life I'll never take,
My spirit you will never break
Read it and weep.
Then choke it down.
Listen up now
words will resound.
We'll let you keep
Your dignity
But we will define what that means.

Don't look at my
Eyes, When I speak.
Boy, You are our
Sworn enemy.
An as such you
Will be treated.
Whatever that means.